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If President Obama has his way, the federal government will take over healthcare and turn it over to the bureaucrats to run.  The inevitable result will be a vast deterioration in the quality of medical care, neglect of old people, higher taxes, bigger deficits, government intrusion into people’s most private decisions and ultimately outright rationing of healthcare.
People across the United States are rising up and demanding that government stop taking over their lives.  Grass-roots opposition to further government takeovers is arising spontaneously across the land.  The National ObamaCare Opt Out Registry—the NOOO! Registry—provides citizens a convenient way to express their opposition to the prospect of government taking control of their healthcare decisions.  But it does more than that; it also harnesses that individual opposition into a powerful and effective political instrument that amplifies and focuses that opposition like a laser beam directed right at Congress and the White House.
If citizens join the NOOO! Registry, they will become part of a new political movement—the OPT OUT MOVEMENT—that tells Members of Congress and the White House in no uncertain terms that they want no part of Washington's grand schemes to takeover healthcare.  
When individuals join the NOOO! Registry they also will be able to follow the Opt-Out Movement’s growth and effectiveness at the NOOO! Registry Tracking Page.  Here, real-time statistics about the movement—numbers, geographic distribution, demographic detail and so forth—will be available to Registry signers.  This resource will provide Registry signers and the participating organizations to which they belong metrics by which to measure their own effectiveness and to compare their performance with that of other participating organizations.   This Registry database also will provide a wealth of other real-time information that makes it possible to target grass-roots activities in congressional districts and states where they can be most effective.
The NOOO! Registry provides the missing mechanism to convert grass-roots energy into legislative effectiveness.  When lawmakers realize the breadth and depth and intensity of the opt-out sentiment among Americans, they will find it in their own political interests to introduce and support Opt-Out Amendments to any healthcare reform plan before it becomes law.  The NOOO! Registry will be a powerful and effective reminder to Members of Congress that healthcare reform is about INDIVIDUALS and their individual healthcare needs, not about government or abstract social aggregates and some theoretical notion of the “greater good” that means individuals must suffer.
The U.S. Constitution sought to create a more perfect union by creating a government that would pursue the general welfare that benefited everyone.  The NOOO! Registry will be a clear demonstration that healthcare run by government bureaucrats is not in the common interest and actually diminishes the general welfare.

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"President Obama suggested at a town hall event Wednesday night that one way to shave medical costs is to stop expensive and ultimately futile procedures performed on people who are about to die and don't stand to gain from the extra care."

-- Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times

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